Train like a PRO with MYSOCCER4U.COM

Train like a pro and become a pro – it makes no difference how old you are or at what level of the game you are currently playing, MYSOCCER4U.COM has the solution for you.


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Svarta bókin


What makes you a better soccer player, it´s simple, YOU NEED TO TRAIN MORE.

A key element of modern soccer is the first touch on the ball and being able to send a good pass to your teammate. All lessons are designed to improve the initial touch so you can control the ball in whatever direction it comes from, the more you practice, the more natural it will be for you to receive the ball and pass it.

All exercises are designed so you can practice by yourself at any time and anywhere you want. You always have all the trainings accessible on your mobile devise by logging into to

For each exercise I have included a number of repetitions as well as the number of sets that you can use as a benchmark for your exercise.

Exercises will be regularly added and you have full access to them too. No nonsense, you get access to everything while you are a member.

Already, I've set up a training days so you don't have to go through all the exercises to decide what you're doing today. But if you want there is now option for you add to your own favorites drills. 

There are already over 130 soccer exercises that await you to become a better soccer player. 

Exercises are suitable for both boys and girls.